Trout Rak

Trout Rak

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A deceptively simple all-in-one dock for Apple things. 

The Trout Rak is designed to hold an iPhone, Airpods, iPad, Apple Pencil, Apple Watch, aaaaaand some watch bands, all at once. 

Here come some bullet points:

• ~97 configurations. Choose the set up that works best for your things
• Adjustable width ensures the Rak works with almost any Qi pad and/or Phone.*
• Packs flat and assembles in seconds
• Keep your cords in check. The Rak wont let them slip behind your desk/nightstand
• Put your things to bed. The couple that "raks" their phones before bedtime is a happier couple that might realize life in bed without devices is a little better. ;)

Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping. 

More colors coming soon. 

*(Some of those super-thick-military-grade-do-you-really-need-a-case-that-big cases don't fit. The maximum width is .8". Most iPad cases are A-OK.)