Floss Champion Kit

Floss Champion Kit

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Become a daily flosser. You can do it. 

1. Place removable decal (head-height) on mirror

2. Attach pen to mirror next to decal 

3. Place Baru (toothbrush/floss holder) on counter 

4. Floss (morning or night, or both!)

5. Mark an “X”

6. Streak continuous “X”s as long as possible 

7. Actually look forward to your next cleaning 


This works. A few things to keep in mind:

- The tracking sheet should be conspicuous. The whole point is to be reminded every time you brush. Head height is critical. You could even try placing in the middle of the mirror to start. 

- Flossing picks are great because they are fast and convenient, and it’s fine to reuse them several times — whatever you’re comfortable with. 

- Picks should be right below the tracker and visible. Again, the key is to make this as easy and fast as possible. 

- It takes about 66 days to build a new habit. The JS-500 has 140 squares to fill. If you break a streak it’s okay just get back on the floss horse and beat your last streak. Also why didn’t we call this the JS-140?


Included in kit:

- 1 Baru (toothbrush / floss stand)

- 2 JS-500s

- 2 floss picks 

- 1 pen holder 

- 1 pen 

(toothbrush not included)